Improve DeSoto Public Schools

Strong public schools are the backbone of a strong community. As Mayor, I will work with our school leaders to help close the Achievement Gap by reimagining how we help our students succeed. I will establish regular meetings with educational leaders, businesses and key community stakeholders to ensure accountability for student achievement from top to bottom; and I will continue to champion experiential learning through internships and mentorships. In the next three years, our public schools will show tremendous improvement – and as Mayor and a former school board President, this will be a top priority.

Quality Retail, Dining, Arts and Entertainment

As a city, we can no longer talk about better retail, dining and entertainment options – we have to go out and make it happen. There are so many business leaders who call DeSoto home, and as Mayor I am committed to bringing each stakeholder to the table and delivering the quality options we’ve asked about for years. Our time is NOW..

Leading DeSoto to Become a City Where Everyone Thrives

DeSoto is great because our people are great. And I have the energy, drive and PROVEN LEADERSHIP to move our city forward. This means focusing on Inclusive Community Engagement that takes local government to directly to our neighborhoods. This means intentional initiatives to bridge generational differences to create a stronger, more united community. This means celebrating our veterans and increasing civic engagement and responsibility to show that public service is honorable and respected. And it means ensuring that every single DeSoto resident has access to care that keeps each of us physically, mentally, and spiritually fit

Economic Development with a Strategic, Inclusive and Balanced Approach

Our economic development plan must go beyond talking points and empty promises. We need action and we need it now. To that end, I have created a comprehensive six-part economic development plan to build the DeSoto we all want and deserve:

1. Workforce Readiness

We are blessed with a variety of higher learning institutions in our proximity – and we must think creatively about how to improve the workforce readiness of DeSoto residents. Establishing trade and higher education fairs to complement our annual DeSoto Works Job Fair will help ensure that all residents have the opportunity to expand readiness. I am proud to have created a first of its kind Bachelor Degree partnership between city employees and UNT Dallas. This is just the first step and the long term economic benefit will be tremendous.

2. Business Recruitment and Retention

We must be aggressive and intentional in recruiting high quality businesses to our community, and send a message to developers that DeSoto residents will not tolerate second tier development.

3. Hampton Road Development

Hampton Road Redevelopment: We have an opportunity to transform Hampton Road into a vibrant, multi-use development center with restaurants, entertainment and upscale housing for millennials/young families, and seasoned residents alike.

4. Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship

We must expand support for DeSoto small business owners, actively promote the incubator and create a culture that prioritizes use of local businesses first.

5. Transportation

Quality development depends on robust transportation infrastructure. As Mayor, I serve as chair of the Best Southwest Transportation Initiative, and I will continue to work with area Mayors, county and state officials to ensure DeSoto gets its share of infrastructure improvements.

6. Walkability

DeSoto is only twenty-one (21) square miles. 21st century development demands convenience and access for our residents, and creating a more walkable community will improve our attractiveness to quality developers. Our long term capital improvement projects must continue to include repaved streets, sidewalks and parks.